◈ Group turnover has increased by 277 times in the last 16 years.
◈ JGI’s leading product Ruslan vodka won its first international award, the Monde Selection, in 1986..
◈ Recently, Ruslan vodka won the ITQI Award 2016 and the Monde Selection 2016 in Belgium..
◈ ISO certificates for Quality Management System, Environment Management System, Food Safety Management System, Occupational Health & Safety Management System and Good Manufacturing Practice have been received by both HD and ADPL.
◈ VDPL set a record in 2016 by being the first company in Nepal to earn a Green Building Certificate.
◈ The JGI marketing team has the widest reach in the market, and they physically visit about four thousand outlets every day.
◈ VDPL was the biggest contributor to the PM’s Earthquake Relief Fund in 2015.
◈ Ruslan Vodka maintains a clear edge over its competitors with over 80% of the market share in Nepal for the past 45 years.
◈ Honored with “Arch of Europe” international quality award in 2012.
◈ Vijay Distillery (P) Limited has been awarded with “Business Excellence Award” by Frost & Sullivan in 2017 as the best managed large scale FMCG company in Nepal.
◈ Ruslan Vodka won “Nepal Brand Leadership Award” in 2017 as the best FMCG brand in Nepal.

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