Our Company

In the business of happiness and bonding

Jawalakhel Group of Industries is a business conglomerate managing multiple companies that manufacture and distribute alcoholic beverages. The distilleries, brewery facilities and research and distribution units produce a growing range of different brands across various categories of alcoholic drinks in the Nepalese market, and for overseas export. hhhhhh

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Catering to every taste, occasion and celebrations of life

JGI is a group that strives on innovation and creating new benchmarks of excellence to manufacture brands that resonate with the evolving drinking culture across generations.

Our History

The legacy of six generations of doers and dreamers

Nepal was a kingdom in the Himalayas still untouched in the early 1970s when the Chairman of Jawalakhel Group of Industries Vijay Shah returned from his studies in the United States with a dream to take the traditional manual pot distillation business run by his father and grandfather on a futuristic path based on automation and systems that would make Ruslan Vodka, the flagship brand of the company, become the most loved and enjoyed Vodka in the country. Today, Jawalakhel Group of Industries is a forerunner in the spirit industry with a diverse portfolio of top brands.

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Our Process

Innovation and cutting edge technology is at the core of our processes

We use the finest raw materials, the purest Himalayan water and multiple distillation and filtration processes to bring out the best in our products. Innovation, technology, quality and consistency are at the core of our processes which are overseen by the best people in the craft.

In Society

Committed to sustainability and people we work with

We take care to ensure that our brands are made with the best ingredients and processes, and we want people to enjoy our brands moderately and responsibly. We make certain that our communications help people make informed choices about drinking.

We encourage sustainable practices that have the least environmental impact in the communities we work with. We also work on empowering and encouraging our employees and trade partners to grow their skills and help them with tools to understand international best practices through trainings and communication.

We support youth led initiatives through music, sports and education in the country. Another key effort that we strongly support ismental health and wellbeing in Nepal.


Bringing out the best in people is our business.

We value individuality as much as we value teamwork. Strong work ethics, commitment, integrity, creativity and ability to rise to a challenge is what we celebrate in our teams. We are a company of vibrant and motivated people who are genuine, collaborative and driven to meet their goals.

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