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In 1973, I started Jawlakhel Distillery after returning from studying and working in the United States. Nepal was a kingdom in the Himalayas still untouched. We are a sixth generation family in business and my forefathers made alcohol using the traditional manual pot distillation method. I carried with me the dream of building a modern plant like the ones I had seen in America. At the time, I had not envisioned the spectacular growth this business would take nor the technological advancements we would initiate to make our plants and systems globally competitive. The transformation to a leading giant in the Nepalese liquor business came with immense hard work, courage, passion and perseverance. It is a business that grew from its humble origins to the success it holds today on the dreams and determination of all the people who have been a part of JGI.

From a distillery that manufactured, bottled and distributed Ruslan Vodka, which is now Nepal's number one brand in the vodka category, we have expanded our horizons and gotten into the production of all types of alcohol: vodka, whisky, gin, rum, beer, the traditional Nepali Aila, and will soon introduce wines in our portfolio.

Business, I believe, is all about what’s next, about progress, innovation and decisions. Whereas blending and brewing is an art, it is dreamer’s obsession for precision and delight in every formulation. When the two come together, it creates magic. I believe JGI is where that magic happens…

Today, at the helm of JGI stands my son, Raj B Shah as the Managing Director. His love for the industry is unbelievably similar to mine if not more. To date, I love everyday that I come to work, I love what I do and I absolutely love this industry. It excites me to see the passion with which he is driving JGI forward. The only influence and legacy I wish for JGI is to take our pioneering efforts into the future with the deepest commitment to quality and excellence. The idea is to never rest on our laurels even if the odds are in our favour.

Vijay K. Shah
Jawalakhel Group of Industries

Leadership at JGI

Committed to innovation and perfection.

The new generation of leaders continues to take JGI to new heights of achievement with national and international recognition.

Sashin Joshi
Group Executive Director
Shrihar SJB Rana
Director – Procurement
Santoo Shrestha
Director – Projects
Satish Kumar Karn
Chief Operating Officer
Prabir Kumar Nag
Chief Sales Officer- Liquor
Guru Prasad Adhikari
Chief Legal Officer
Sushil Prasad Shrestha
Chief Marketing Officer
Gandhi Chhetry
Chief Sales Officer - Beer
Mahesh Prasad Pokharel
Chief Administration Officer
Niraj Subedi
Chief Finance Officer
Sujan Pant
Internal Audit Manager